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We have over 30 years of experience in the removals and storage market in the Kent area and have seen many changes over the years. It has progressed from the old days when people used second hand “T” chest and bushel boxes
acquiring them from the local farmers or later large cardboard boxes /cartons
from your local corner shop or supermarket.

Now a day the supermarkets have all their stock is delivered in on shrink-wrapped pallets, people do not have access to these cartons any more.

Castles have been using purpose made cardboard cartons for many years made from paper derived from managed forest, such forest are continuously replanted and expanded.

Other products are made from recycled material where possible. We are now offering them to sale to everyone.

Most of our boxes are of double wall construction, which give the cartons  better strength and rigidity. Beware of cheaper cartons that our only single wall construction, which can offer less protection to your goods and the boxes, crush if stacked to high especial if being placed in storage.

The secret of a successful removal
If you are carrying out the packing yourself try to make sure you use standard size packing boxes, which make it easier to stack and load the vehicle, plus make sure you tape them together securely.

  • Do not over fill your cartons so items stick out of the top
  • Do not make the boxes to heavy, use right size box.
  • Get a professional removal company to pack and remove your effects

We also offer a deliver service to your door for a little extra charge in the Deal, Sandwich, Ramsgate, Herne Bay, Canterbury, Folkestone areas of Kent.

For advice on storage units St Margarets or any needs for packaging material, contact us on 01304 373251

Document storage and Records Management
Castles has excellent facilities for storing your archived documents. Clients can choose a bespoke package to suit their needs were they control all aspects of the movement and management of the files to providing collection and retrieval services and updating of records.

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